Welcome to the website of Sachiyo Hayashi, the flute lesson practice in Hoorn. You can also take lessons at your home in Amsterdam Buitenveldert or Amstelveen.

Lessons are usually individual. However, group lessons are available on request.

All levels are welcome from absolute beginners to students who wish to enter a conservatorium. You can’t read music? That’s no problem. You can learn to read music and to play the flute at the same time.

When you consider taking a lesson, you first get a trial lesson. So you can see if you like it or not.

You can start lessons as soon as you can hold the flute, from about 8 years of age. For younger children there is a curved headjoint or Fife available so that they can hold the flute. Adults are also very welcome!

Lessons are given on the flute, which is used in the modern orchestras, but also on the baroque and classical flutes (both are the forerunners of the modern flute).

You may have a trial lesson for free.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.


Flute(Böhm flute)

The silver (or sometimes gold!) flutes used in modern orchestras are called “Böhm flutes” in order to distinguish from other types of flute.

You can rent one from “Matthew’s Muziek” shop. Please refer to “Flute Rental”.

Traverso (Baroque Flute)

This flute was used in the Baroque era (by J. S. Bach for instance). Baroque music for flute is written to be played on this instrument. It is made of wood, and the sound is warm and melancholic.

A traverso can be lent to begin lessons, but it is desirable to buy one soon. As they are handmade from wood, every flute has a different character, even from the same maker. It is therefore better for your musical and technical development to have your own flute as soon as possible.

Classical Flute

This flute was used in the Classical era (e.g. by W. A. Mozart). Many keys are added to the afore mentioned traverso flute. The sound is thinner, but dense and penetrating.


Smaller than a normal Böhm flute, therefore it is easier to hold. I use it for the lessons with smaller children.

Flute rental

You can rent a brand new Yamaha Y211 flute from a music shop. The rent is 125 euros for 6 months (as of Feb 2022). There are cheaper flutes to rent, but I recommend strongly that you have a good instrument to start with. Instruments of lesser quality restrict the improvement of your playing, and will eventually cost more for repairs.

After 6 months you have the option to buy it or continue to rent it. The rental contract can be renewed only once. After one year of rental you are obliged to either buy the flute or to return it.

For more information see: https://www.matthewsmuziek.nl/en/rental

Both rental and purchase have to be arranged via the teacher.


Sachiyo Hayashi was born in Japan and started her musical education at the age of four. She studied the modern flute at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music obtaining her Bachelor of Music. From there she went to England to continue her studies. In England she studied at the Royal College of Music and the Royal Northern College of Music, at the same time developing an interest in historical performance. She graduated from both colleges obtaining the postgraduate diploma with honours.

After her studies she was engaged as an Artist in Residence with the European Mozart Academy in Poland. Consequently she was awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Cultural Affairs to study the traverso flute with Barthold Kuijken at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where she obtained her second phase (master’s degree) diploma.

Sachiyo is active as a chamber and orchestral musician, giving lessons on both the modern and traverso flute. She performs regularly with period instrument orchestras in the Netherlands where she is currently based.


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